First Visit

Brief Paperwork

When you arrive at our office you will be given some brief paperwork for you to fill out. This paperwork will consist of the reason you are seeking care at our office and give the doctor an idea of what he will need to do in order to best handle your situation. If you'd like to save time you can easily click the following link and fill out the paperwork and then hand it to our receptionist once you arrive at our office Medical History.pdf

Consultation with the Doctor

As soon as all the necessary paperwork is filled out, our receptionist will personally escort you to one of our private treatment and consultation rooms where the doctor will be in shortly to discuss your condition and address all your questions, concerns and treatment options.

History and Examination

In order for the doctor to get a better idea of what your given problem is the doctor will likely ask you specific questions and might also put you through a series of movements, orthopedic and neurological tests. These movements and tests will give the doctor a better idea of what anatomical structure are likely involved and will provide him with an accurate diagnosis and treatment protocol.

X-ray & MRI Studies

Sometime the doctor will need to see if something more serious is present and will need to order an x-ray or MRI to better visualize the area of your complaint. The doctor will discuss if you need this imaging immediately or it can wait.

Same Day Treatment

After the history and examination are finished the doctor will likely provide same-day treatment for maximized results. These treatments can include spinal manipulation, physiotherapy, advanced soft-tissue repair modalities, and or acupuncture.

Home Instructions or Exercises

Once your visit is completed the doctor may give you some simple instructions on what you can and cannot do while under treatment. These instructions are to better help your condition and/or not aggravate your condition.

Scheduling Your Next Appointment

Prior to leaving the doctor will go over the approximate and estimated time of recovery. He will let you know if another visit is needed and approximately how many visits he recommends for a significant recovery. At that time the receptionists will handle scheduling your next appointment for you.

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